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Check out LowDown founder Tim Seisser, playing a LowDown Custom Series 6 string with Chicago based Prog rock band District 97

And Tim playing his LowDown Custom Series 6 string with Chicago based Fusion power group The Renegades

Check out Marc Piane playing his LowDown Classic Series 4F with jazz saxophonist Chris Greene Quartet


LowDown = Happy Bass Player

“She's awesome!  Sounds so beautiful plugged in.  But I can also practice at 5am without an amp because I can feel everything I play through the body.  It's amazing.” - Emma Dayhuff. Owner of a LowDown Classic Series J5 http://www.emmadayhuff.com

"I realized with fretless bass bass, once I set the tone on my amp I never change it. So I had Tim build this bass passive and just a volume knob. And I will say, it sounds and plays better than any fretless bass I've ever owned. You nailed it, from the neck profile to the pickup location and weight. And the Flamed Redwood top is stunning." Michael Arnopol. Bassist and Bass Speaker Cabinet builder. Owner of 2 LowDown Custom Series 5's.

“I really like the bass! The tone is full and I was able to turn up the drive more than I can with the active Bongo.  The sound guy loved the bass! People in the house said they could hear the bass plain as day and that it sounded really good.  Everyone who knows me was very curious about the new red axe. It is really comfortable to stand with for an extended time because it’s so light! Ergonomic design and not clunky at all. It stays in tune really well. When tuning it resonates so much against my body that I can hear it.  The B provides s a nice massage. Thanks!” Dana B. Owner of a LowDown Hybrid P5

"I’ve been shedding the bass for a few hours now and it is just beautiful! First impressions - I genuinely just feel instantly at home on this bass. The feel, sound, build quality and attention to detail are all fantastic and it all adds up to an unbelievably expressive instrument. It’s so comfortable to play and just seems to fit in my hands. A genuinely unrestrictive and enjoyable playing experience all around! Thanks so much for your hard work on this. It’s a real talent you have and you deserve real success with these basses. You can really tell it’s made by someone who not only knows what they’re doing, but also understands the bass and what bassists really want. My bass is a tour de force and I honestly feel like it’s the instrument I’ve been looking for for a very long time. Superb work!" - Sam Roberts. Owner of a LowDown Custom 6F. UK Freelance Bassist. 

“A big shout out to my man Tim and LowDown basses for making this bass happen. It is so on! Plays like butter and brings the FUNK!” - Marc Piane. Owner of a LowDown Classic Series J4F http://marcpiane.com

"I finally got to get to know her this evening and I absolutely adore this bass, it's exactly what I hoped it would be. The body is SO comfortable. I love the neck – absolutely love it's flat profile, and the ergonomics of the body and neck on my body when standing or sitting are incredibly comfortable. I could play it standing for hours because it balances/hangs just right. The bass arrived totally "dialed in" and your set-up is spectacular. She plays so easily and the Nordstrands are crystal clear. What I really wanted to follow up on was the personality and character of this instrument. What attracted me immediately to this bass was it aesthetics-- and I don't mean just body and headstock shape, decorative wooden fingerboard, etc., but how you used so many different pieces and species of woods to create this instrument. There's no end to it, all around the sides of the body are little windows of inlaid circles within circles, blocks, hour glasses... it seemed obvious to me that you had fun with this and really enjoy what you do. I anticipated that the bass would possess that energy/love for your craft and I believe that it does. It looks amazing, plays like a dream, sounds incredible and most of all this bass WANTS to be played! If you look Tim up, you'll find that he is a seriously good player. He is also a seriously accomplished luthier, he knows exactly what he's doing.  The craftsmanship on this instrument is perfection. The woodworking, fit and finish is comparable to any high-end name out there that I have played (I have/had Pedullas, Greg Curbow, Ken Smith, Chris Stambaugh, Tom Clement, Warwick)." - Damian C. Owner of a LowDown Custom Series 4F Special

"I had been looking for a great P bass for a while but just never found one that peaked my interest.  As soon as I saw the bass Tim had made, I knew that that was the P bass I was looking for.  It sounds great, looks great and is the lightest bass I have ever hung around my neck.  It is a very unique bass and I will be using it a lot in many different playing situations.  Tim is an awesome bassist and an awesome guy. I will definitely be coming back in the near future to work with Tim on a custom build." - Sam D. Owner of a LowDown Custom Series 5.

"Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that my fretless 6 is, well, just amazing. After playing for 30 years and being so set in my ways the Lowdown Custom 6 demands a different approach and technique, but once I surrendered I feel like it's taking me to a new level. . . especially the soloing. I'm free! So glad to have run into you at NAMM." - Rich F. Owner of a LowDown Custom Series 6F

"My new LowDown fretless custom series is a dream of an instrument. It's neck is so easy to play on, more so than any other bass I have picked up. I love how the sound is equally full in all registers. It is evident that this bass is built by someone who has played in many situations as a gigging bassist. This instrument seems to be void of every small problem/source of discomfort that I have played in the past." - Vinny K. Owner of a LowDown Custom Series 4F

"This is the axe I've been searching for: a 5-string with a modern small body, smartly designed for playing, with all the richness and warmth of an excellent Jazz-style bass. It has the subtle details and careful workmanship that only a hand-made instrument can provide, yet I didn't need to sell my car to buy it. I've been trying to find a bass like this, and Tim is the guy who's building them. Bravo!" - Stu G. Owner of a LowDown Custom Series 5

"This bass balances better than ANYTHING I have ever played. I don’t know what it weighs, but those with back problems or a desire to get a lighter bass, need to check these out. My Spector 5’s feel like an anvil compared to playing this bass. There is a cut away towards the upper neck portion and this allows me to reach the notes with ease. The upper notes actually sound good overall. Clear and sweet sounding. The notes ring out beautifully, I have not found any dead spots. For live playing or by myself, I want to hear the full spectrum of sound when I hit a note. The Hybrid Series delivers this. Because of that, this bass plays nicely with several different pieces of gear I own. The natural wood version looks and feels great. Just an oil finish – definitely no gloss here. Love that wood feel! Wood quality is great!" - Kevin G. Owner of the first Hybrid Series prototype

"Dude, Tim! It's beautiful. It showed up in great shape and the action's nice. The intonation is right on. I'm very pleased and this bass is well worth the money. Thanks for the gig bag, too, that was a nice surprise.  It's really comfortable on my knee, both in a regular position and a classical guitar cradle-like position. At the first jam session the bass performed very well and is comfortable on the strap. The handmade uniqueness of it is pretty cool too. I hope your custom line really takes off. You've won a couple of fans in California. When I'm in the market for a new fretted bass I know where to go! Thanks a lot." - Jed S. Owner of a LowDown Custom Series 5F

"It's been out three times already and will be out again tomorrow night.  You'll be pleased to hear that it has displaced my much beloved first-and-much upgraded MIM P bass as gigging instrument of choice. Now I pack the Carlo and the Lowdown to every gig and do a set on each. It plays and sounds GREAT!" - Karl P. Owner of a LowDown Classic Series 4

“Great luthier work. What a really beautiful bass.  Thanks for prompt shipping and making payment no fuss. Would definitely buy again!” - Talkbass user Getao. Owner of a LowDown Classic Series J4F

“Bass is amazing. Plays evenly all over the neck and is super comfortable. Thanks.” - Brian J. Owner of a LowDown Classic Series P4